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A dark brew for the character that enjoys deep flavors of chocolate, hickory and ash.


Best for espresso or French press.


Pairs: steak and eggs


Round chocolate sweet notes with a rich full body and a clean finish.


Best as a brew coffee. Makes excellent creama as an espresso


Pairs: French toast, bacon egg and cheese, or Yardbird


Bright, aggressive and thick with citrus, berry and a snappy finish.


Best for Chemex, V60 or Siphon 


Pairs: Juevos rancheros, summer salad, fruit pie


Our seasonal offering of coffees, which are fresh and interesting. This blend changes frequently to match the mood and temperament of the time of year. 


Decaffeinated by Swiss Water to preserve flavor and roasted for body.


Best for Espresso or machine brew


Pairs: muffins, cake or almond croissant 


Blended for balance.
Roasted to taste.

Blending traditional Italian methods of roasting with the advantage of American innovation and technology. 


We still judge the roast process by nose and sight but with the intelligence of state of the art bean probes and data read outs. 


The coffees are round and approachable, as many Neapolitan coffees, with the added acidity and nuanced flavors of the American West. 


In all things there must be balance. 

All our coffees are picked, packed, cooked, stamped and sacked by hand.

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